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Three D wheel aligner is stable, accurate, low cost, and easy-to-maintain two camera system wheel aligner. Specially designed for clients who need to expand their business with high performance equipment requirement.This product has outstanding & Unique feature and the most advanced technology.
Ride On Sweeper Main brush with special V shape allows maximum performances of debris collection. Huge hopper capacity. Large sweeping path . Self Levelling System automatic main brush pressure control.Filter shaker with automatic option.Intervals can be programmed through electronic board. Protected and waterproof controls.
Upright Vacuum Cleaner has high performance suction engine.Electronically protected brush.Multi level filtering system.It has double layer dust bag, engine protection double filter and external pre filter engine.Electronic suction regulation on request.
Great Productivity. Ergonomics, User Friendly. Low Maintenance Costs. Robust Construction. High Performance.